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Essential Inspiration

Art that speaks to the you within

Watercolor painting of pink horizon with blue above and below

Look and reflect. Engage.

Art gives the soul a tangible way to express itself. Gaze at a painting, and you'll find it opens the door to your inner self…as you look, its essence makes its way inside you.

Stay with it a while…reflect…let it engage your heart and illumine your soul.

Recent Work

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The Mystery

No matter what it seems to be about, art is filled with mystery.

Art communicates in the symbolic language of the soul, as color, composition, and content combine to express meaning. Works of art carry the spirit of their makers, an essence that draws us back, again and again…

Like the ancient alchemists, artists work with tools on the material plane to create something to lift us beyond the material. Art inspires us…and changes us…as it works on every plane of our being.

—Anne Nordhaus-Bike

See Through My Eyes

I want to show you what intrigues me, help you see through my eyes and hear the echoes of my soul within your own.

November Sky Through Trees

Branches iron lace…
Last leaves linger.
Sky ten thousand grays.
—Anne Nordhaus-Bike